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Wheel spacer fits between the car's wheel and hub. It creates spaces by pushing car's wheel away from the hub. Here is why you need or might want to install wheel spacers onto your vehicle. If your new wheel set up do not have the proper offset, it will cause the wheel to rub the inner wheel base or drum.(wheels are sticking in too much). Installing wheel spacers can create extra spaces to push the wheels outward to correct the problem. Wide Wheel Spacers are also commonly used for visual enhancement and improve handling. By spacing the wheels apart, it will provide more stability to the vehicle and corner better.

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CustoMadeOnly wheel spacers & wheel adapters are made with high grade aluminum alloy & carbon steel studs to ensure the safety of the drivers. Our spacers have been commonly used on the race tracks to help race car drivers to maximumize their car's full potential. It is also build for daily driving use. Precision, Safety & Quality = This is what CustoMadeOnly stands for.

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